A note from The Arranmore United Committee:

The committee would like to remind teams and fans alike that there should be no rubbish left pitchside at the Rannagh. There is no caretaker anymore and in years past there has always an issue with the amount of rubbish that is not put in bins. We cannot stress enough that there are plenty of bins around the field if everyone could dispose of their rubbish, it would greatly be of help to all of us. Thanks very much and enjoy the weekend!

The Rules of the Challenge

Minimum of 7, maximum 11 players must be registered prior to the first game.

All competing teams must start each fixture with 7 players however an amendment to the existing rule is as follows:

All teams are permitted to have 1 player miss the first game but this same player must play in the second game to avoid being banned from the competition.

Teams only allowed 11 named players. These must be registered prior to a team's 1st game. Cost of registration for each team €250 (forms available from secretary).

10 minutes per half.

Roll on Roll off substitutes.

The top 2 teams from each group go into the knockout stages.

Qualifying to the Finals:

In the event of 2 teams being even at the end of the group stage the following will determine which team progresses.
Firstly- goal difference.
Then goals scored.
Then record against each other.
If this fails to separate the teams it will be decided on 3 penalties each.

Knockout Stage Matches:

10 minutes a side, in the event of a draw:

3 penalties each.

Then sudden death penalties.

Final Matches:

15 minutes a side, in the event of a draw:
3 penalties each.
Then sudden death penalties.


If a player receives a red card he will be banned from the next match.
If a player receives 2 yellow cards he will be banned from the next match.

Late Arrivals:

In the event of teams arriving late for matches the following sanctions will be imposed.
5 minutes late: - The late team will be 1 - 0 down.
10 minutes late: - The late team will be 2 - 0 down.
15 minutes late: - LOSE. 3-0.
Any team that fails to fulfill its 3 fixtures will be suspended from next 3 years challenge.

All present teams will remain until they:
1. No Longer wish to take part or
2. The committee expel them for a serious breach of the Rules or general conduct either on or of the field of play. The Club due to insurance & safety reasons will not allow the consumption of alcohol inside the perimeter of the field at any time during the challenge and includes all personnel. Anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be asked to stay outside the perimeter which is the fenced area around the field, we hope and expect these rules to be adhered to.


Past Winners

A list of all the previous winners, since the competition began.

Year Winners Runners Up
2001 Clannad Celtic Arranmore Utd
2002 Gallaghers Tunnelling Arranmore Utd
2003 Balally Arranmore Utd
2004 Balally Woodcarvers
2005 Gallaghers Tunnelling Arranmore Utd
2006 Arranmore Utd Gallaghers Tunnelling
2007 Tory Celtic Stonecutters
2008 Gallaghers Tunnelling Arranmore Utd
2009 Balally Woodcarvers
2010 Gallaghers Tunnelling Woodcarvers
2011 Damo's Dream Real Lypis
2012 Damo's Dream Arranmore Utd
2013 Real Lypis Damo's Dream
2014 Finn Harps Real Lypis
2015 Damo's Dream Real Lypis
2016 Real Lypis FC Palatico
2017 Damo's Dream Gallagher's Tunnelling
2018 Damo's Dream FC Palatico
2019 ??? ***

Some People I Need to Thank:

Martin Gallagher

Owns the official Cup challenge twitter handle@ArranChallenge

Rua and the Cup Challenge Committee

Provided all the details about the Cup Challenge and it's teams

Aoife Gallagher

For some great instagram photos for the photo feed

Dylan O'Donnell

For another awesome instagram photo for the about page

Twitter People

For all the people on twitter helping out