2016 Fixtures

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Real LypisMidland WarriorsTory CelticThe Rebels
Dungloe Town PLCThe SaturdaysGallagher TunnellingDamo's Dream
M.T.F.C.FC PalaticoClannad Celtic-
Northern TunnellingArranmore UtdStonecuttersBarhale

Group Games

Group Games
Day 1, 11:30Real Lypis21Dungloe Town PLC
Day 1, 11:55M.T.F.C.30Northern Tunnelling
Day 1, 12:20Midland Warriors22The Saturdays
Day 1, 12:45FC Palatico20Arranmore Utd
Day 1, 13:10Tory Celtic00Gallagher Tunnelling
Day 1, 13:35Clannad Celtic02Stonecutters
Day 1, 14:00The Rebels00Damo's Dream
Day 1, 14:30Real Lypis30M.T.F.C.
Day 1, 14:55Dungloe Town PLC11Northern Tunnelling
Day 1, 15:20Midland Warriors01FC Palatico
Day 1, 15:45The Saturdays20Arranmore Utd
Day 1, 16:10Tory Celtic10Clannad Celtic
Day 1, 16:35Gallagher Tunnelling10Stonecutters
Day 1, 17:00Damo's Dream31The Rebels
Day 2, 12:00Real Lypis50Northern Tunnelling
Day 2, 12:25Dungloe Town PLC20M.T.F.C.
Day 2, 12:50Midland Warriors00Arranmore Utd
Day 2, 13:15The Saturdays--FC Palatico
Day 2, 13:50Tory Celtic--Stonecutters
Day 2, 14:15Gallagher Tunnelling42Clannad Celtic
Day 2, 14:40The Rebels20Barhale


Quarter Finals
Quarter 1Damo's Dream30The Saturdays
Quarter 2The Rebels0, p.10, p.0FC Palatico
Quarter 3Real Lypis30Tory Celtic
Quarter 4Gallagher Tunnelling10Dungloe Town PLC


Semi Finals
Semi 1Damo's Dream10Real Lypis
Semi 2Gallagher Tunnelling0, p.2, p.10, p.2, p.0The Rebels


The Final
FINALGallagher Tunnelling01Damo's Dream

Some People I Need to Thank:

Martin Gallagher

Owns the official Cup challenge twitter handle@ArranChallenge

Rua and the Cup Challenge Committee

Provided all the details about the Cup Challenge and it's teams

Aoife Gallagher

For some great instagram photos for the photo feed

Dylan O'Donnell

For another awesome instagram photo for the about page

Twitter People

For all the people on twitter helping out