2016 Fixtures

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Damo's DreamClannad CelticSt Anne's UnitedThe Saturdays
StonecuttersLuton IrishGallagher TunnellingThe Rebels
Northern TunnellingFC PalaticoMidland WarriorsArranmore Select
Finn Harps YouthsBarhaleReal LypisTory Select

Group Games

Group Games
Day 1, 11:30Damo's Dream21Stonecutters
Day 1, 11:55Northern Tunnelling01Finn Harps Youths
Day 1, 12:20Clannad Celtic02Luton Irish
Day 1, 12:45FC Palatico10Barhale
Day 1, 13:10St Anne's United02Gallagher Tunnelling
Day 1, 13:35Midland Warriors03Real Lypis
Day 1, 14:00The Saturdays02The Rebels
Day 1, 14:25Tory Select10Arranmore Select
Day 1, 14:50Damo's Dream00Northern Tunnelling
Day 1, 15:15Stonecutters12Finn Harps Youths
Day 1, 15:40Clannad Celtic04FC Palatico
Day 1, 16:05Luton Irish20Barhale
Day 1, 16:30St Anne's United02Midland Warriors
Day 1, 16:55Gallagher Tunnelling01Real Lypis
Day 1, 17:20The Saturdays01Arranmore Select
Day 1, 17:45The Rebels10Tory Select
Day 2, 11:30Damo's Dream10Finn Harps Youths
Day 2, 11:55Stonecutters10Northern Tunnelling
Day 2, 12:20Clannad Celtic15Barhale
Day 2, 12:45Luton Irish13FC Palatico
Day 2, 13:10St Anne's United02Real Lypis
Day 2, 13:35Gallagher Tunnelling10Midland Warriors
Day 2, 14:00The Saturdays13Tory Select
Day 2, 14:25The Rebels02Arranmore Select


Quarter Finals
Quarter 1Damo's Dream21Gallagher Tunnelling
Quarter 2FC Palatico30The Rebels
Quarter 3Real Lypis20Luton Irish
Quarter 4Finn Harps Youths02Tory Select


Semi Finals
Semi 1Damo's Dream1 p.11 p.2FC Palatico
Semi 2Tory Select13Real Lypis


FINALFC Palatico01Real Lypis

Some People I Need to Thank:

Martin Gallagher

Owns the official Cup challenge twitter handle@ArranChallenge

Rua and the Cup Challenge Committee

Provided all the details about the Cup Challenge and it's teams

Aoife Gallagher

For some great instagram photos for the photo feed

Dylan O'Donnell

For another awesome instagram photo for the about page

Twitter People

For all the people on twitter helping out